Thursday, January 23, 2014

Get Rid of Your Squirrels Now


 Protect your home from Squirrels and other Wildlife! Keeps Your Family Safe From Parasites Viruses Carried by Squirrels can be transferred through their Feces. That Feces that Squirrels are tracking through your Vents is being pulled through your furnace and Circulated through out your home for you and your Family to breath! This is not Good if you have been hearing Noises and have noticed poop or insulation outside Call Us To Get Your Free Home Inspection Now Make Sure Your Family is Safe from Harm.


Squirrels Chew Vents
Squirrels Chew Beams
Squirrels Chew Plywood
Squirrels Chew Plastic
Squirrels Chew Wiring
Then they make more squirrels that chew....

How are Squirrels getting into my Attic?by Sue Hillard, Sue Hillard - Google Profile "There is nothing more frustrating then when you are trying to sleep and all you can hear is a G-D Squirrel chewing away on the beams and rafters of your house!!!" Squirrels can get into your house a number of different ways. If you don't get rid of them properly you could .... cost yourself in the long run!

 Squirrels can gain access to your Attic through your: Large Louvre Side Vents they are the worst. you might as well put up a neon sign saying ALL SQUIRRELS

WELCOME!!!! Red Squirrels will pick on your Bathroom or Kitchen Vents. Red Squirrels will find a vent already hosting Birds, Mice or Rats and Voila Dinner and a place to stay. Problem Grey Squirrels Eat Red Squirrels and Black Squirrels being he Mack Daddy Hybrid Generation of Squirrels, well they'll eat anything!!! Black Squirrels will gnaw and chew away at your roof vents till they get in, if they can't they'll simply start chewing a hole right beside it. Squirrels don't care about your roof, they'll chew right through it!!! Alot of times siding and soffit will get loosened by the wind Squirrels love Soffit, a Soffit to a squirrel is like a shopping mall to teenagers. They all like to run around in them!!! Squirrels are smart and they will pick the highest points of your house to make their entry holes which is usually your Gables. Squirrels will try to chew a discrete hole in the corner of the Gable where it meets the roof/ shingles. Squirrels will chew a hole right in the corner or your roof. Squirrels will do this closest to your Eves, Eves Trough Down Spout. That way their up the down spout and in your attic. Under Siding, Squirrels will chew parts of you roof and siding (walls under neath) that aren't visible to you from the ground. If they are doing this you should hear it from the bedrooms in the walls. Red Squirrels will take over a bird or pigeon nest Behind a Business Sign and/or Entrance Way/Awning. ALL SQUIRRELS LOVE CHIMNEYS, If you live in a wooded area where there are squirrels, then you have to Squirrel Proof your home or business!!! Although Squirrels won't destroy an Attic with Urine and Feces
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unless they have been there for years then forget it. Squirrels can be one of the most dangerous animals of all to have in your attic. Squirrels have to chew. Their teeth Never Stop Growing, if they don't constantly chew on hard things like wood beams, attic heating and air conditioning units, plastic and electrical wiring being their favorites. If squirrels are left to run a muck in your attic they can cause structural damage and worse electrical fire!!!! To Get Rid of Your Squirrel Problem before flames erupt call us: AAA Wild Animal Removal & Squirrel Specialists will: Remove your Squirrel Infestation Disinfect, Remove Contaminated Materials & amp; Insulation from ALL Affected Areas, Including Roof, Roof Edge, Eves, Where Soffit Meets Roof Chimney, Soffit and All Roof Vents, All Squirrel Entry & amp; Exit Points. Completely Squirrel Proof Your Home & Exit Points,So That You Will Never Have Squirrels Again!!! We Offer a 3 Year Guarantee on All Work Done AAA Humane Wildlife Control Services,  ANIMAL REMOVAL AND PEST CONTROL LOCAL LINKS CITIES IN YOUR AREA in Ontario, Canada AAA  Wild Animal Removal & amp; Ontario's Bat Experts: The Bat Specialists 1-855-897-8484CALL US To Solve your Animal Problems before they turn into an Animal Situation!!! We Offer Wild Animal Removal Services for Most of Ontario:  Acton, Ailsa Craig, Ajax, Aldershot, Alexandria,

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